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The brand represents health in all aspects including flexible dieting and lifestyle changes. YourPocketPT is not designed for quick fixes, it was created to help you understand how to build health and fitness in to your lifestyle.

You can expect blog posts covering all things weight loss and plenty of help and advice along the way. Posts from how to track your calories to low calorie ice cream reviews. I will cover it all and hopefully we will have plenty of fun along the way.


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Martin Woodward

This person behind the brand and blog is myself Martin. Let me introduce myself, I am fully qualified Personal Trainer based in London and also a gym manager. When starting in the industry over 5 years ago I had one goal, that was to help as many people as I could lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.

I created the brand YourPocketPT, to give people looking to lose weight a place to come for a path on their own weight loss journeys, and more importantly a community to share their thoughts and experiences to encourage and support each other.

I designed the 180 Day Weight Loss Plan so everyone could afford to have a personal trainer to help and guide them. Start your journey today! 

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