The 180 Day Plan

The 180 day weight loss plan is a gym based workout programme that allows you to become fitter, stronger, healthier & happier over a 25 week period. I created the plan to help you lose between 30 - 50 lbs, whilst enjoying great tasting foods and progressively getting stronger and fitter in the gym.

This is not a quick fix! It has been created to give you a path, educate yourself on making this a lifestyle change. The 100 different workouts and flexible dieting plan, is there to keep you motivated, consistent and all put together in an easy to follow scheduled plan.

The plan is all ran through the YourPocketPT app, i use a specific personal & online training software called MyPTHub. This can be used both on mobile devices and your laptop. When joining the plan you will get a step by step on how to do this.


This allows me to deliver the best service to you, i can monitor your progress on the plan, with your assigned workout schedule allowing you to complete and track workouts, monthly progress photos being stored on your own personal account, along with measurements, this means i get to keep on eye on everything! Your meal plan will be key to your results. This plan will work around a flexible eating diet allowing you to include your favourite foods, whilst monitoring your daily calories. When joining the plan, you will get access to the calorie requirement calculator in your Welcome Pack. The pack covers everything you will need along your plan.

Best of all you can start your own weight loss journey today for free! Im already excited to see your transformation photos & a happy healthier you!

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