How to use MyFitnessPal

Track your nutrition on your plan -Your 10 Step by Step Guide to Getting Started

“Arguably one of the greatest tools.”

MyFitnessPal is arguably one of the greatest tools, for you to use on your weight loss journeys. It helps monitor how many calories you are eating and drinking on a daily basis.

So, what is it?

MyFitnessPal a website/app that can be used for entirely free of charge and has a vast range of the national food database stocked in most supermarkets and restaurants. This makes searching and entering your daily food, meals, and snacks into the food dairy straightforward and easy process.

Getting your account set up – Step by Step

STEP 1 -

Search your app store to download it now, you will thank me later.

STEP 2 -

Setting yourself an account up will take roughly a couple of minutes and just consists of necessary information as always when creating an account on any platform.

STEP 3 –

Click on the More tab in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and then click Goals. Log your current weight set into your profile. This can be done in both kilograms and lbs. Then below you will see the option to enter your goal weight. If you haven’t set any goals then nows the time.

TIP - 1KG = 2.204lbs

STEP 4 –

I have linked my previous post below on getting started in 2019 to calculate your daily calorie needs. Check it out!

Now let's enter that figure on to MyFitnessPal to use as your daily goal.

Now you know what calories you should be eating on a regular basis,

Let us look at macronutrient breakdown (Protein, Carbs, Fats).

PROTEIN - I would recommend aiming for around 20-30% of your calorie allowance from protein. So lets set it at 20% to start with you can up it once you hit that initial target.

CARBOHYDRATES – Will always make up the most significant percentage of your calories, and I will cover the reasons for this in the upcoming weeks, so keep a look out for that blog post! As a recommendation, you should set this between 40-50%. I know that sounds a lot but trust me on this one carbohydrates will never make you gain weight while you in a calories deficit! Scouts honor!

FATS - That's simple they will make up the rest of percentage let in your daily allowance.

STEP 5 –

Moving on down the list you will see the Meals, Recipes & Foods tab this is where you will enjoy all those recipes you creating in the kitchen for regular use. This makes adding those meals to your food diary a lot easier in the long run. Log some of my recipes into the custom meal tabs I will put down the weights and ingredients I have used to create some excellent dishes.

STEP 6 –

Apps, Devices & Steps! This section in the app if you have any smart technology then you can connect them to your account here. For example your Fitbit watch or step tracker which is available on most smartphones.

STEP 7 –

Add your friends to support each other on your journeys and of course add the YourPocketPT account to your friend's list, it would be rude not too.

STEP 8 –

Moving on to the diary tab. This is the area you are going to enter your meals and snacks, by pressing + Add Food you will see it also has a great barcode scanner and search button to find the foods you will be consuming. If there is a specific food you eat regularly, the system will recognise this and put its frequent foods.

STEP 9 –

The progress tab this is where you can keep an eye on the great results you are making!

STEP 10 –

Use it DAILY! It may be a chore to start with but after the first week passes by and it becomes just second nature to you logging your foods in. By doing this consistently, your results will appear quicker, and your education on a diet will improve significantly.


Make sure you track your calories consistently throughout the whole week even on days you may overeat, this will educate you on average calories in all different types of foods. Be accountable for yourself.

Comment below for any further help needed!

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