Calculating your calorie requirements

Calculating your calorie requirements can be one of the most confusing elements we have to understand and figure out when starting out on our weight loss journeys.

I’m going to do my best to make this as simple as possible for you guys,

First thing to remember is that calculating your calorie goal is always an estimate. There’s no way we can ever say if you eat a certain number of calories a day you will be guaranteed to lose body fat. So here is what you are going to do, set a calorie goal and from there we see how the body reacts to that specific number. If we lose too much weight in the first couple of weeks i.e more than 8lbs in the first 2 weeks in. Then we would increase your calorie intake daily in slight increments until we slow that weight loss down to a reasonable rate.

8lbs? Doesn’t that seem a lot when you should be aiming for around 1-2lbs a week! Yes, and the reason for this is when you start a new “diet” then by controlling the food we eat and specifically our carbohydrate intake the body will become lighter from the less water retention held within the body. This is exactly why most people and anyone who has ever tried a new eating regime before probably saw amazing results on the scale over the first couple of weeks and then the progress slowed down.

Calculating those calories, so here goes on the most simple way,

your bodyweight in lbs

x 10 - Very sedentary for example sitting down most of the day little movement on the evenings. ( Don’t worry i will get you on my 15 minutes workouts to solve this )

x 12 - Desk work with some movement throughout the day ( doesn’t include the 15 yard dash to the coffee machine ) something like a lunchtime walk or walking to work and back and working out 1-2 times a week.

x 14 - Active job lots of walking around or lifting objects. most manual jobs will fall in to the requirement.

x 16 - Active daily activity and 2-3 workouts weekly. This is where i want to get you guys for two reasons, firstly get the heart pumping and improving our cardiovascular systems, secondly and most important we get to enjoy more food!

Again, this is massively important we understand it is always just an estimate you can play around with your calorie intake until you find what fits your lifestyle best to make sure we are getting in to that 1-2lbs weekly magic zone.

Let me show you some examples -

Sonny is a 25-year-old male who works 9-5 in the city sitting at a desk all day day long staring endlessly at a computer screen. He ventures out to grab lunch thats a 10 minute walk each way. On Mondays and Fridays, he completes the 15-minute workout challenges. On the weekend he spends time with his friends playing sports for around 60 minutes then sitting in the pub for few hours. Sunday is a sofa day and spending time with the family. Ben weighs 200lbs and is looking to lose some body fat.

We would say Sonny ROUGHLY falls in to the category of x 12

So he's calorie requirements would be estimated at -

200lbs x 12 = 2400 calories daily

Cher ( Did you see what i did there ) is a 40 year old female who is a warehouse manager spending her days running around a warehouse dealing with all different tasks and only sits down for around 2-3 hours on her 8 house shift to do paperwork. After work on Monday , Tuesday and Friday she works out before eating her dinner. On the weekends she takes the family to the park to enjoy some outdoor fun. Then stopping for a family meal afterwards before heading home. Sunday it’s time for relaxation and getting things in order for the following week. Cher weighs 160lb and really wants to get back in shape for this summer time.

Cher would ROUGHLY fall in the x 16 category

So her calorie requirements would look like -

160lbs x 16 = 2,560

I hope this helps you guys understand how to get an understanding of how many calories to set yourselves and eat consistently on a daily basis.

Comment below for further information on anything you need help with. thats what I’m here for!

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