Are you in the right mindset to crush your goals this year?

Getting yourself into the right mindset is the single best thing you can do for moving your life in the right direction in every aspect.

Taking on a new challenge, with an uncertain mind or not having a plan in place will 9/10 will lead you down the path of failure.

Over the new few paragraphs, I'm going to explain how you alter the way you think about certain areas of your weight loss goals specifically, to give you the best chance of achieving them.

The Dieting Mindset

We all know the challenges of starting a new diet can bring. You may feel as if you need to cut out all the foods you love because their deemed as unhealthy in society. Or have no idea on how much food you are allowed to eat to make your body lose fat.

A lot of the time I see people trying to run before they can even crawl, this then leads to total failure because "its too hard" or "i can't live like this it's not worth it". Get yourself starting with the basics such as a calorie deficit and then build from there.

I'm certain anyone reading this post is not an athlete! So stop trying to eat like one! You're probably just looking to lose some weight for summer or want to lose some of the excess baby weight you have gained, maybe even working off some of that Christmas poundage. You don't need to be so strict on yourself, just be sensible and the results will come!

Get your mindset in a place where you have a clear goal in place and a time frame. This doesn't have to be extreme, every one of your goals will be different depending on your personal wants and needs.

Write it Down.

Have it written down, not just a mental note but something in ink and visible daily! By daily seeing your goal in place and counting down will keep you accountable, knowing every day you are getting closer to the end date. This will stop those "weekends off" or "cheat days". Download an app with a countdown option on it and add it as a widget to your home screen. I know you're looking at your phone every day so that reminder will be there to keep you moving forward.

Remember why you have set that goal in the first place? Are you worried about your health i.e is your blood pressure high or feel pain in your chest when doing general movement? Or is it more of a confidence issue have you gained some weight and aren't happy how you feel or look?

All this can be solved by getting your mindset clear and on the path needed to solve these issues. Keep remembering how great you’re going to feel climbing those stairs and not having to struggle, playing in the park with the family and not having to stop because you are out of breathe. Picture how confident you going to be strutting around the pool in the swimsuit you thought you would never get back into or getting your favourite date night outfit back on.

It is important to keep these in mind when you are trying to lose weight because they are the reasons you are on this journey an yes, it is a journey it's not a quick fix and then returning back to old habits once you have lost some weight! Make your life a healthier one in every aspect!

The reason Time Frames are important! "Slow and Steady wins the race!"

By putting a time frame on your goals gives you a specific date to work towards. This date should be relatable to your goal. For instance, if you have set a goal of 20lb loss then don't expect to lose this in a 4-week period! Be realistic give yourself a reasonable end date, give yourself the time needed and then some. Again, dependent on how strict you want to be with your diet will depend on your time frame. My advice will always be slow and steady wins the race!

Think as your goal as a challenge to yourself and not a chore. This is your life remember its there for living! Go out and enjoy yourself but always, but always be accountable.

Let me explain what I mean by this, there is nothing wrong with going out socialising with friends, having a great time and enjoying great tasting higher calorie foods! But don't use this as an excuse for why you’re not losing weight! I'm telling you if you are accountable you can do both!

Dieting is a 7 day routine.

Learn to understand that calories do count on the weekend. Its more about changing your thinking to dieting is a 7 day a week routine and not just Monday - Friday. I'm not a fan of the 5/2 diet and it doesn't really encourage daily habits. These daily habits of eating sensible but with flexibility are where the real results lie.

The point I'm trying to make here is that with changing the modern-day mindset on what dieting looks like, i.e. bland foods, extreme deficits, no flexibility and "dieting" foods (there's no such thing!). Needs to become a thing of the past.

Get good daily habits into your life such as making smarter choices with food and allowing your favourite foods in but keeping control of the portions. Using the scales if you’re unsure on the weight of an item. Getting plenty of veggies into your meals. Drinking more than 2litres of water a day. Track your calories using MyFitnessPal to really get an understand of the amount of food you are eating on a daily basis. Educate yourself to get a better understanding of what works best for you.

This is will lead to long term results, not short-term fixes. You can't solve the problem if you don't know the solution. For 9/10 people this solution is getting your mind in the right place, keep a positive outlook on the challenges ahead.