Your FAQ'S Answered


Why is the program 180 Days?

I created the plan so you can learn new habits both in your exercise and nutrition, this will keep you fit and healthy for years to come. I'm not interested in short term fixes, i want you to learn the tools needed for you to lose weight sustainably and keep it off.


What will i need before starting?

All you need is a positive attuide and desire to change your body. Oh and you will need a gym membership if you haven't already got one. It doesn't have to be an expensive gym, shop around there are many gyms for under £20 a month.


How much weight could i lose?

The plan is help you lose between 30-50lbs , this should be your goal. This averages out to between 1-2lbs a week. This makes is realistic and sustainable


How do i track my workouts?

Your workout plan is all set for you. All you have to do is click on the days workout and press 'Start Workout'. This will give you the list of all exercises to complete and reps / rep ranges for you to do. Enter the weight you used and it will track it all for you. Click the green tick when completed the sets and Remember to press finish workout at the end to save.


How do i keep my meals interesting?

Ive got you covered, i have a monthly recipe book that has over 30 recipes in from nutritious breakfasts, tasty treats and delicious dinners. All you have got to do is get creative in the kitchen.


What if i don't know the exercise?

Thats expected but dont worry you can click on the picture icon in your workout and it will play a short video exercise demostration to give you a clear picture of the exercise and technique.


What do i do if i can't use the next exercise machine?

This happens, we share the gym with everyone else thats looking to improve themselves. If you cant use the piece of equipment you could ask to share it if you feel comfotable or come back to it after when it becomes free and just move on to next exercise on the workout.


Is the

app available on 

Android & iPhone?

Yes it defiently is both app stores will have the app available to download. Or you can log on through the internet and log on through website.


Is it suitable for beginners?

Yes defiantly  The plan is designed to start you off from weeks 1-6 introducing you to the movements through resistance machines and progressing every 4 weeks to keep it challenging. By week 25 you will be confident in a number of new exercises.


Is it suitable for male and female?

Yes both male & female are welcome on to the program and the program will suit both.


Why are all the weights set to 1kg?

This is because it would be impossible for me to know what weights you will be requiring to make sure you working in the desired rep ranges. This is where you enter the weights you used for future reference. Make sure your challenging yourself and getting to the set number of reps.


How do i track my nutrition?

I have created your '180 Day Meal Plan' already in your programme. This consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & drinks. All you have to do is log what you have eaten on those meals. Click on the nutrition tab on your home screen and log away.


How do i calculate my calories?

In the Welcome Pack you will see a page giving you instructions on how to take your bodyweight and multiple it by required amount to get your daily calories allowance. You will need to set this number in the meal plan section on your account.


Can i sync the plan to my calendar?

Yes of course, go in to the 'setting' tab on the right hand menu. Then click on calendar from here it will give you the ability to connect them.


Can i track my progress on the app?

Yes you sure can. logging your progress photos, weight, measurements & bodyfat percentage is on done on the app. click on the drop down menu to see where to do so.


How long do the workouts take?

Each workouts has between 7 - 10 exercises & should take between 45-  60 minutes.