What my clients say ...


Martin is the best PT! Tailors sessions to your needs, pushing your strength and body to its limits almost without you realising. He always makes it fun and engaging, something i never thought possible. He's made training a big part of my life.



Martin is a great coach and PT, but also a great human being. He is always very supportive and he offers you great encouragement when you need it. The gym was not my strongest point, but with Martin this has changed and i always look forward to our sessions. His persistence enabled me to lose weight and become more confident as a person. I can't recommend him highly enough.


Martin is a great PT and makes exercise fun and something to look forward to. He tailors the programme to suit your needs and makes sure he goes through each exercise in detail so you feel comfortable in the gym on your own. He really has helped me learn the correct form which long term and logging all my workouts and nutrition keeps me on track. This means Martin doesnt miss a thing! A super good service and really recommend.


I would recommend YourPocketPT as I used to be one of martins clients when he used to PT in Birmingham. He was helpful and understanding where I wanted to go regarding my goals and achievements. Martin helped me loose over a stone by giving me nutrition ideas and encouraging me to track my diet on a day to day basis. I built up a good relationship with Martin and was gutted when he had to leave when he moved to London.


I've always been an active person but never really knew what exercise to do to get in shape and tone my own figure. Training with Martin was the best money i have ever spent. He has helped me understand how to properly eat and workout, giving me a confidence in the gym with weights. 



I can’t really put into words how much Martin has helped me. Before I started training with Mart I had never stepped foot in a gym before and without his initial encouragement I probably never would have. He taught me all the basic fundamentals I needed to make sure I could continue to work on my fitness and physic for years to come. Martin’s extensive knowledge and guidance helped carve a much much healthier relationship with food. I can not thank him enough for that! . A huge difference that increased my confidence an incredible amount... I will be forever in his debt! Thank you again to ‘Your Pocket PT’


There are not many people i'm keen to see at 6am but Martin is a very special exception. Always super positive and energetic, training with him wakes me up and sets me going for the day. As my first ever personal trainer he's gone far beyond my expectations, having help  me loose the extra post-pregnancy weight and get back in shape. I can now run after my daughter without struggling to catch my breath! 



Amazing service! I have worked with Martin on training and nutrition for a while now. His knowledge is exceptional! He is always there if you have any queries. Hands down the best PT i've ever worked with. Great results!


I've always been an active person but never really knew what exercise to do to get in shape and tone my own figure. Training with Martin was the best money i have ever spent. He has helped me understand how to properly eat and workout, giving me a confidence in the gym with weights. 



Martin was my PT for most of 2017 before he moved to london. A great personal trainer, Martin helped me out a lot with motivation when we trained together and was just a message away if i had any questions. Martin was very positive and enthusiastic about the goals we would achieve together. i would highly recommend him, he is one of the best in my opinion. We know train via his online coaching as this now works well for me.


I’ve previously worked with Martin at Pure Gym in Sutton Coldfield & I had him as an Personal Trainer & he’s helped me reach my goals whilst he was there and I would recommend him as an Personal Trainer & he’s a nice guy to have a laugh with as well


I'm loving my new exercise programme. Signing up with Martin was one of the best things i have done! Martin has helped me feel more confident. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a weight loss coach and trainer.


Martin was patient with me to get the technique right of the exercises as I’ve been training for a while but certain movements weren’t natural. He guided me on what was my strength and what my weaknesses were and improved on them both. Working with Martin allowed to experiment more with working out as I’m the person that needs to feel power and pain to feel like I’ve done a workout. The check ins when I was training on my own helped me keep on track and the communication was very helpful.



I started training with Martin in June 2019 and it was one of the best decisions i have made. Martin put together dedicated training sessions for me, guided me through how to complete them in the gym and helped me find an enjoyment in working out that i hadn't experienced before.

Outside the gym, Martin has helped me with my meal prep and communicates with me on a regular. He helps to motivate me to stay on track, even when the gyms have been closed. I am looking forward to getting back in the gym and continuing on to train with him to achieve my health and fitness goals.


Martin came to my rescue when a previous PT had left with my money and still owing me sessions. Martin very kindly agreed to finish the sessions i had paid for for free with himself. I was so grateful that all pt's wasn't the same! Over our time together he explained how to structure a workout programme to make the best use of my time as being a mom took up a majority of my day. He also showed me how to balance my diet which helped me massively.