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Welcome to YourPocketPT?

First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Martin and i am the Personal Trainer & Weight Loss Coach behind ProjectYOU. I had one goal when starting out in the fitness industry and creating YourPocketPT, that was to help as many people as i could lose weight in an enjoyable, sustainable way.


The ProjectYOU Plan is designed for people looking to transform their appearance over an 180 day period! Using my years of experience as a personal trainer, i have taken my services online. ProjectYOU gives you a path on your own weight loss journey. I want you to give up the quick fixes and build a healthier & happy you.



What my clients say...


I've always been an active person but never really knew what exercise to do to get in shape and tone my own figure. Training with Martin was the best money i have ever spent. He has helped me understand how to properly eat and workout, giving me a confidence in the gym with weights. 



I can’t really put into words how much Martin has helped me. Before I started training with Mart I had never stepped foot in a gym before and without his initial encouragement I probably never would have. He taught me all the basic fundamentals I needed to make sure I could continue to work on my fitness and physic for years to come. Martin’s extensive knowledge and guidance helped carve a much much healthier relationship with food. I can not thank him enough for that! . A huge difference that increased my confidence an incredible amount... I will be forever in his debt! Thank you again to ‘Your Pocket PT’


There are not many people i'm keen to see at 6am but Martin is a very special exception. Always super positive and energetic, training with him wakes me up and sets me going for the day. As my first ever personal trainer he's gone far beyond my expectations, having help  me loose the extra post-pregnancy weight and get back in shape. I can now run after my daughter without struggling to catch my breath! 



I had previously observed Martin giving his PT sessions with total concentration to his clients.... so I decided to reach out. Martin ensured he adapted to my style of need - no excuses, no nonsense and straight talking to get my form and technique correct. There is no room for cutting corners as he doesn’t miss a trick!! Just what I needed to make my sessions count. Approachable, structured and honest... huge thank you!!

What is The ProjectYOU Plan? 

The ProjectYOU plan is a gym based workout programme that allows you to become fitter, stronger, healthier & happier over a 180 day period. It's been designed to help you lose between 30 - 50 lbs whilst enjoying great tasting foods and progressively getting stronger and fitter in the gym.

This is not a quick fix! It has been created to give you a path & educate yourself on making this a lifestyle change. The 100 different workouts and flexible dieting plan, is there to keep you motivated, consistent and all put together in an easy to follow online coaching plan.

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My clients Results...

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